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It's amazing to me the many ways people can make a living on the internet. Did you know Nintendo even has a YouTube revenue sharing policy? Well now you do!

There are many rev shares in existence. There's a rev share for accountants, the airline industry due to the deregulations in 1970's, people who write articles like those on Squidoo, and many more. Even AdSence has a revenue sharing program for those who get over 100,000 visits a day to their websites. 

Revenue sharing sites share in the income they earn on their site much like Nintendo, the airlines, and accountants share income earned on sales they make. You ever buy a 50/50 raffle ticket?

What if I said even Apple has a 15-30 revenue share agreement with it's partners? Oh yeah, they are getting ready to cut the cord. Just remember you heard it here first!

I am not a typical guy. I enjoy a new venture. So much, I made my own online game. Then I decided it was time to try and earn an income, so I could take it to another level. A year later, I made my first sale!

This leads me to today 5/22/2015

Almost 6 months after my first sale and here I am talking with you. WHY? Well, I believe there are many more people like myself that are trying to find something. For me, that something was giving birth to a product. Now my something has changed, and it's teaching me things I never knew before.

My something has lead me to new relationships, and to learn from several people. Most importantly, I am learning from a man named Marty, and guess what? My days of wonder are gone. I have vision, someone to guide me, and someone who I can finally talk with that has the same mindset.

Don't get me wrong, we actually have different skill sets. But these combined skill sets make us very unique and because of this, we get things done.

My name is Ed, and recently I ran into another man, Jamie, and guess what? Jamie is just like Marty, and I, only Jamie has a different focus. Jamie is no joke either. He is self employed now, works only online, and is exploding with what he is doing.

Marty and I did our research before we even met Jamie. Things happen for a reason and now, we are following Jamie. If you have a few minutes, watch this video.

So, part of the plan here with this site is to simply teach you what we know. Help you help yourself. Bookmark this page. The next video is just around the corner ...

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It took me three years with my first website back in 1999, to understand  how slow things really moved back then when getting set up with an online business.

But these days what once took 3 years can and does happen in about 2-6 months.

To work online now really is a bit easier. Especially if you are willing to let someone help you.

Even one person can't know everything or do everything alone. That's why I surround myself with men like Marty and Jamie.

You see, my niche is digital design, as well as HTML,CSS, JaveScript, and a touch of PHP and Ajax.

Marty's niche is in marketing and driving traffic. Marty gets 40,000 unique visits a day, not counting return visits.

Jamie's niche is research and development of new online sites. Weeding out the bad to get to the good stuff we can all benefit from.